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Who am I

Aaron Blake is a web developer that specialises in creating web sites.

Since graduating from university, I have been working full time as a professional .net developer.

I also do some freelance web design utilising PHP and Wordpress.

Graduated with a degree in Web Technologies from the University of Greenwich. I gained knowledge and experience with a variety of web technologies such as PHP, and Java. I also have experience in other new media related subjects such as 3d Animation, Flash and Director application development, video editing, graphic design and mobile technologies.

Aaron by the sea
Aaron snowboarding Aaron peace


North London lad with family in South, I like to think I know this city well, but there is always something new that surprises me.

Work hard, play hard. Exploring new pubs and bars with friends is always a laugh. Love dancing with a great crowd to jackin soulful house grooves, or a touch of dubstep.

People get too complacent with the status quo. Ain't no progress been made from turning a blind eye to the world. The arts are great fun, but also keep us asking questions, challenging the so called authority imposed on us and I use it to express ideas and opinions through writing and making videos.

Tearing up the mountains going Snowboarding give you real sense of freedom, so I love to go when I can. I also enjoy playing tennis but hate the pretentiousness of Wimbledon and the sport in general.

Lil bit socialist, lil bit humanist, lil bit cosmopolitan, lil bit anarchist. They try to categorise us into groups all the time. At the end of the day I'm just me, a real human-being not a statistic.

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