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LogicaCMG Grad Ball 2006-2007

This Saturday was the highlight of the year for the graduate community at LogicaCMG, as we attended the grad ball. Although the theme was 70’s, only a few individuals bothered to dress the part. The funny thing was the girl who won the best dressed award was Maryse’s sister Adel, who didn’t even dress up, […]

Game On!

This autumn I have been really busy with both work and play, I have hardly had time to do all the things I wanted (ie writing my stories, new media projects ect). December is here, and with the iminant arrival of the Wii in just a couple of days, next month I am definitely gonna […]

20 Something?

The last couple of weeks has been so manic, I nearly forgot all about my 21st birthday. Fortunately I had some plans up my sleves to celebrate 21 years on this earth. A quater of my life has gone by, so much has changed yet inside I feel vey much the same as when I […]

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