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Category Archives: tech AJAX in .net 2.0 AJAX in .net 2.0 Introduction This tutorial is a quick guide to get any 2.0 sites running AJAX extensions and controls, even if it hasn’t been installed on the host server. I won’t cover how to use the AJAX controls, because there is plenty of documentation out there on this already. Requirements […]

Mix Messenger – MSN Windows Live Messnger Song

Can you imagine a dance tune made from the Windows Live Messenger notification sounds? Well don’t worry, imagine no more! The guys over at MSN France have managed to persuade David Guetta to produce such a mix to promote Windows Live Messenger. I’m not sure if it’s to everyone’s taste, but hey at least check […]

Brethren – A Final Fantasy XII Music Video

My soul has been deprived of creative expression for so long, I used the time of over easter to make another music video. Brethren, is a video about the end of Final Fantasy XII, where the main brothers in the game collide as they each fight for what the believe in. The music is from […]

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