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Category Archives: politics

Chintendo Vii – The Fake Wii

An interesting documentary was show on Channel 4 recently called “The Fake Trade”, which tells the story of the rise of the counterfeit industry born from major brands outsourcing to China, which has resulted in a global industry worth several billion that is able to replicate almost anything, even eggs and drugs! With this in […]

Saved from Sin

My questioning of some of the concepts and ideologies expressed by Christianty lead me to a contraversial and enriching debate with a group of young chritians last night. When a recently ‘saved’ Christian friend of mine invited me to a Christian gathering, I was a bit reluctant to go at first. But I decided that […]

Loose Change

I was intorduced to this groundbreaking 9/11 documentary by a good friend of mine, after debating the truth behind the event. Its diffinately contaversial, and some people may find it offensive, however I think its important people do not take to dogma when it comes to media and what governments tell them. To download the […]

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