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Category Archives: Cuyahoga

Cuyahoga – How to publish from source.

Introduction Publishing a Cuyahoga site from the source code using visual studio will not work using the in built publishing tools alone. You need to take a few additional steps. Please note I used Visual Studio 2008 to create this tutorial. The steps may differ slightly in different versions. 1. Rebuild solution Rebuild the entire […]

Cuyahoga: How to change the admin template

Introduction It didn’t seem obvious to me at first how to change the appearance of the Cuyahoga admin template, so I thought I’d create a simple guide to point you in the right direction. Web Config The web config within the admin folder of your Cuyahoga site is where you can find the template settings. […]

Cuyahoga: How to create a module tutorial

Introduction This tutorial shows you how to create a simple module for the open source CMS Cuyahoga. Visual studio 2008 was used to create this example, but it should also work in Visual Studio 2005 with the SP1 upgrade. Supporting documents: Cuyahoga.Modules.Sample Files PDF tutorial 1. Download Cuyahoga source You can download the latest […]

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