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Cuyahoga – How to publish from source.


Publishing a Cuyahoga site from the source code using visual studio will not work using the in built publishing tools alone. You need to take a few additional steps.

Please note I used Visual Studio 2008 to create this tutorial. The steps may differ slightly in different versions.

1. Rebuild solution

Rebuild the entire solution to make sure everything is up to date.
Also make sure all your modules have been added to the Modules folder of the Web project successfully.

2. Publish Cuyahoga.Web project

Publish the web project by selecting from the menu:

  • Select the Cuyahoga.Web project in the solution explorer.
  • Select Build from the menu bar.
  • Select Publish Cuyahoga.Web.
  • In the Publish dialog:
    • Select a target location for the published site.
    • Select “Delete all existing files prior to publish” for a clean install.
    • Select “Only files needed to run this application.”
    • Select Publish button.

3. Add module files to published site.

You need to copy the modules folder from you Cuyahoga.Web project, over to your published site manually.
If there is nothing in your Cuyahoga.Web modules folder, you probably didn’t rebuild the solution properly, so go back and repeat step 1.

4. Deploy

Your site is now fully compiled and ready to deploy.

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