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Cuyahoga: How to change the admin template


It didn’t seem obvious to me at first how to change the appearance of the Cuyahoga admin template, so I thought I’d create a simple guide to point you in the right direction.

Web Config

Cuyahoga Admin Web Config

Cuyahoga Admin Web Config

The web config within the admin folder of your Cuyahoga site is where you can find the template settings.

<appSettings> <add key="TemplateDir" value="~/Admin/Controls/" /> <add 
    key="DefaultTemplate" value="AdminTemplate.ascx" /> <add key="DefaultCss" 
    value="~/Admin/Css/Admin.css" /> <add key="DefaultTitle" value="Cuyahoga Site 
    Administration" /> </appSettings>

Template directory

Set this to the directory that contains the template you want to use for the admin section.

Default template

Set this to the template file you wish to use as the default admin template. Note that this file must reside within the template directory.

Default CSS

Set the default CSS file to be used by the template.

Default Title

Set the default page title use for the admin section.


Its probably best to make a copy of the standard AdminTemplate.ascx template, then edit this to fix your design if your new to using templates in Cuyahoga.

But the system is flexible enough to allow you to create your own templates from scratch.

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