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SegaWorld and ALIEN WAR- Trocadero at its peak.


I stumbled upon a promo video of SegaWorld, Sega’s Indoor theme park that used to be at the Trocadero – London Picadilly Circus. Segaworld was awesome. It had really advanced virtual reality games, simulators and 3d games for the time. There was a ride called VR-1 Space mission, where you sat in a space ship simulator and shot down space ships competing with up to 7 other people, and the best thing was it even had Micheal Jackson as your co-pilot!

Unfortunately it closed down a while ago, and in its place is the crappy Funland, which isn’t even half as big, and had no big rides at all.


Trocadero used to have the massivley popular ALIEN WAR attaction, in which you could be a victim traped on an alien planet hunted by ALINES and protected by colonial marines.
According to, the ride is going to be repopened again in 2008, which is excellent news!!!!!

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