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LogicaCMG Grad Ball 2006-2007

This Saturday was the highlight of the year for the graduate community at LogicaCMG, as we attended the grad ball.

Although the theme was 70’s, only a few individuals bothered to dress the part. The funny thing was the girl who won the best dressed award was Maryse’s sister Adel, who didn’t even dress up, although she still looked nice.

The venue was the Park Plaza Hotel in Victoria, which had a large hall and bar at the bottom of the hotel. There was a small dancefloor with professional dancers dressed 70’s style (take not of the girl below 😉 ),


they had a lot of food on offer which looked nice, but I was stuffed when I came so didnt get to taste it. Near the bar area was a Kubla Khan love pad, filled with lava lamps, pinball machines, twister and Jenga. Some asshole knocked over Jenga when we was playing it, but he eventually got kicked out so security were on the ball, and everyone else there were generally cool, although some people did act a bit stuck up.

Anyways, here are more pics, they apparently say more than a thousand words, if thats the case people who read the sun must me smarter than financial times readers. ¬_¬

Aaron, Aditi and Jason

Pan, Maryse and Adel

Lucy running from disco stu!

Aaron, Maryse and Adel


Charlotte, Maryse and Adel


Dav doing Kareokee

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