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Game On!

This autumn I have been really busy with both work and play, I have hardly had time to do all the things I wanted (ie writing my stories, new media projects ect).

December is here, and with the iminant arrival of the Wii in just a couple of days, next month I am definitely gonna spend more time indoors having fun.

So, this is just a bit of a run down of what Ive been up to the last couple of months:

Little Britain Live

little britain live

I went to see Little Britain live at the Hammersmith Apollo, and it was amazing. The clever use of video on the set was funny and some of the outrageous things they did in the sketches were really funny. Things like, a man being “molested” on stage, a fat woman from the audience being cussed and Bubbles revealing her bits to all! If you missed the show, get the DVD, I havent seen it yet but ti should be good.

Peter Pan on Ice

Within a circus like tent on the mountain everglades of the palace of crystals, beheld a a rink of ice in which the boy who never grew up battled with Capatin Hook. Peter Pan on Ice, was basically a panto-esc show for kids, I went purely to entertain my younger syblins, however I did enjoy some of the amazing arials stunts the perfomed, wuch as the arieal battle between Hook and Pan (very dragonball z esc), and also they guy dressed as the god skating on all fours!

Video Game Live!

With the release of the Nintendo Wii and the PS3 in the US, me and a few mates decided to celebrate the history of gaming to get us in the mood for the revolutionary new games coming soon. Video games live, was a concert by a LIVE orchatsra that performed favourite tunes from all different video games. Mario, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, and Sonice were all glorfied in musical excellence. However the MAIN acctraction of the evnt, wasnt what was on the stage, but whta was in the lobby. THEY HAD A NINTENDO WII!!!! The crowds of gameing fans ammased around the wii, all eager for a chance to see this revolutionariy gaming machine in action. Unfortunalet I didnt get a go because the ques were too big, but it was amazing to see it nether the less. It was also interesting to see how the current “console war” is fairing on the portable front. Nearly 300+ gamers at the event were playing on Nintendo DS’s before the show. It was AMAZING, everyone playing together having fun, sharing games. In contrats I only saw about 3 PSP owners, playing by themselves in the corner with shame!



Yesterday, just 6 days before the Ninetdo Wii is launched in the UK, I went to GAME ON, at the science museum, to learn about gaming history, and play new and old games alike. Although it was fun to play games like Street Fighter 2, Bomerman and Metroid again. The highlight of the day was when I got to play the NINTENDO WII. It was amazing, i was playing Wii sports, Tennis, and it just feels so natural, like real tennis almost (but on the spot). You have to move the wiimote exactly how you would to serve and hit the racquet in real tennis, and it just felt soo refreshing, a game that feels real.


O yeah, and there was also a PS3 there, that thing is so fat! Its bigger than a bloody XBOX, and the controller doesn’t even have rumble! In the que to play the new consoles, well there wasn’t really a que at all for the PS3 and XBOX 360, because everyone wanted to play the Wii. OK OK, so the PS3 graphics look amazing right, but after a while, once you realize your just playing the same old games, but shelling out 10 times more for them, you think to yourself, whats the point? The Wii on the other hand is a games console that should be in everyones home. I have pre-ordered 3, from Game station, Argos, and Woolworth’s, so hopefully I will get a least 1 before Christmas.


Playable PS3 in the Game On Exhibition in the London Science Museum.


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