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20 Something?

The last couple of weeks has been so manic, I nearly forgot all about my 21st birthday.

Fortunately I had some plans up my sleves to celebrate 21 years on this earth. A quater of my life has gone by, so much has changed yet inside I feel vey much the same as when I was 10.

I celebrated my birthday by doing some things I always wanted to do, and hving fun with those closet to me.


The weekend before my birthday, I flew off to Barcelona with my girl. Travelling has always been on of my greatet passions, so going to a great city like Barcelona was amazing.


Barcelona is like Paris, but by the sea, and with beautiful weather. Since we wasnt there long, we couldnt get to got Port Aventura, which is one of the best theme parks in Europe, just an hour from Barcelona. However, we had bear fun going on the city bus tour at night, visting the aqarium, zoo, and riding the subway. The food in Barcelona has much to be desired tho, but maybe thats because I dont like spanish food that much.


Since my brother’s birthday is just a day after mine, I wanted to share a brithday experience with him and the rest of my family. The weekend after my birthday, we went to Xscape in Milton Keynes.


Xscape is an amazing leisure complex, it has an indoor snowslope, rock climbing walls, bowling alley, and AIRKIX!!!! Airkix is a skydiving simulator. And trust me, thats and understatement. After the 5 minute video brefing you how to fly, you put on the skydiving gear, and make your way to the AIR CHAMBER! This purpose built chamber houses 4 jumbo jet engines that blow air beneath you to make you literally float in the air! Its an amazing experience, feels a lot like swimming. I was a bit worried my bro, who is 8, and my lil cousins, wouldnt be able to handle it. However, they were better than me! Since they are smaller, and lighter, they float more easily and have more room to manouver in the chamber.

Airkix flight
My Flight at Airkix Milon Keynes

The only bad thing about it was the price. £180 for a family ticket (5 people), is a lot of money for 4 minutes of flying. However, thats much less that a real sky diving trip (£150 pp), or going into space (£100,000pp), so I guess its worth while afterall.

Also while at Xscape we had an unexpected encounter with Frank Bruno. He parked up near us in his red mercades convertable, and my lil cuz shouted “Frank Bruno!” trying to be cheeky. Atonishly he answered back “Yeah mate?”. My cuz, not expecting any response started laughing and my bro joined in. LOL.


The finally to my birthday celebrations was a last minute thing. I was lucky enough to get some tickets to the London Jay Z concert at Wembly, from my mate Mani.

The concert was amazing, guest appearance from kano, Lupa Fisaco, Nas, and BEYONCE!!!!!

Jay Z and Beyonce at Wembley Arena
Beyonce at Jay-Z concert at Wembley Arena on Sunday September 24th 2006

To be honest, I’ve never been a big Jay-Z fan, but after the concert, I deffinately rate him higher than I did before.

Just the beginning?

Even though Ive had an amazing birthday so far, this is certainly not the end. I have a few more things planned before the end of the year to celebrate 21 years of me me me!



PETER PAN ON ICE (LOLS, for the kid inside that never wants to grow up)


  1. Ray
    Posted 2 October, 2006 at 9:47 am | Permalink

    “And trust me, thats and understatement.”

    should be:

    “And trust me, that’s and understatement.”

    Thank you. 🙂

  2. Posted 2 October, 2006 at 7:46 pm | Permalink

    Actually it should be
    “And trust me, that’s an understatement”

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